Anchor System Explained

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Using the anchor system in Feedback (dB)

The anchor system is great! As everyone knows how to add BPM to dB, (+, -, CTRL+, CRTL-, SHIFT+, SHIFT-, CTRLSHIFT+, CRTLSHIFT-), put in your BPM for your song. Turn on CLAPS (when a note crosses the target, the editor claps making it easier to figure where the note is placed vs the guitar strum in the real song).

Now, anchors. Anchors can be wonderful if you use them right. IF you don,t they will DESTROY your chart (known from experience). Everyone knows how you can adjust the BPM during the middle of the song. Set an anchor. Do this by pressing "A" on your keyboard. Set another one a bit down (not to far). You'll notice the BPM is the same as you started with. Play the song, and place a note. Now if this note is not on a BPM line, and not part of a solo (durin guitar solos, notes are allowed off the BPM lines), then you can make the BPM line go there. Delete the note and move set an achor on the BPM line you want to move. Move the BPM line to the position you want by pressing the combiniations for changing BPM, except instead of pushing +, and-, you push [ and ]. You'll notice that only the BPM lines in between the first two anchors set will be moving. The third anchor is the BPM line you are moving. Re-place the note, and you set.

Now, another trick anchors can do is sync notes. Say you have the 1/32 marker tuned all the way up to 1/64 to place notes. But whatever you do, you just cant get it to sync? Place 2 anchors similar to the process above. Set a third on the note, and move the note with the same combitations described above. You may also need to move the BPM after words.

Have you ever noticed a chart you loaded into dB and it has all these wild combinitations of BPM changes everywhere? You just made all those in your chart with the anchor move ments described above. Just make sure you get rid of all anchors (go up to the anchor and press "A" after your done with your chart. It's not nessecary, but will eliminate the squished BPM at the beginning of the song in FoFiX. Now you have all these BPM changes evrywhere!

I think i'm missing something, but wasnt bad. Anyone who knows more feel free to add.

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