Bass Track Too Loud

Some of the GH/GH2 have a wrong bass track inserted, or their bass track is too loud.
To fix it:

1. Open your Frets on Fire directory and then open /data/songs/song_with_bad_bass.
2. Open rhythm.ogg with your music player and check if it is the same length as guitar.ogg and song.ogg.
If yes:
3. Open Audacity
4. Push Ctrl-I (Import) and pick rhythm.ogg from before
5. Pick the Envelope Tool from the bar at the top
6. Pull one of the blue edges of an audio track with your mouse and shrink the lines to the 0.5 line:
7. Pick the File > Export as Ogg Vorbis… and replace the original rhythm.ogg.
If not:
3. Simply delete the rhythm.ogg file.


Danzig - mother
Freezepop - less talk more rokk
Aerosmith - last child
The acro-brats - laughtrack
Dick dale - misirlou
Lynyrd skynyrd - freebird
The allman brothers band - jessica
Spinal tap - tonight im gonna rock you tonight
The rolling stones - cant you hear me knocking
Honest bob ATFTDI - soy bomb
Butthole surfers - who was in my room last night
Matthew sweet - girlfriend
Kiss - strutter
Suicidal tendencies - institutionalized
Strong bad - trogdor
Lamb of god - laid to rest

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