Creating Songs With Freetar And Audacity

1. Download Audacity here.
2. Download the Freetar Editor from here or here.

3. Open a .mp3 song in Audacity.
4. Click file>Export as Ogg Vorbis. Save this to your desktop.

5. Open Freetar Hero.
6. Click file>new song.

7. Open the .ogg song you created with Audacity.

8. Place all the notes in the place corresponding to the song.

9. Click File > Save As.
10. Save it as the song name.

11. Go to (more info) and click the button that says "Freetar Hero SNG to Frets on Fire MID converter."

12. Click browse on beside the difficulty you think your song is.

13. Click convert and save the file notes.mid to your desktop (for now)

14. Open your Frets on Fire folder and go to data>songs.
15. Create a folder with your songs name.
16. Open the folder you just created.
17. Move the notes.mid file into the folder.
18. Now, copy the .ogg file you created a while back.
19. Paste it into the folder once. Rename this "song" (without the quotes)
20. Paste it into the folder once more. Rename this "guitar" (without the quotes)

21. Now open notepad
22. Type what you see here

name = (song name)
artist = (song artist)
cassettecolor = (cassette color #XXXXXX where as X=a number or letter)

23. Save this file as song.ini and place it into the folder with the other files.

This is what the folder should look like by now.

24. Open Frets on Fire, and rock out to your creation!

This tutorial written by Keith, originally here.

Additional notes when using Freetar and Nukalar online tools by Linkup90

With the default FOF settings(no buffer changes, mods, etc) this should get you an exact sync after you convert your notes

1. When you convert(using nukalar online tools) the notes shift 166 milliseconds ahead so you most shift them back -166 milliseconds in the "Shift All Notes" option when you convert. Put "-166" into the Shift All Notes field when you convert. This may not be the case for everyone who uses the tools, which is why this is additional notes. I've only used them with Firefox and Windows XP.

2. Find the BPM using MixMeister BPM Analyzer then put the BPM into the "Override BPM" field when you convert. It may be a good idea to cut certain section out of the song to get a BPM that better fits the majority of the song. Anyway, your notes should now scroll in exact sync and at the right speed.

3. You can only place notes at 1/16 and sometimes this isn't very accurate. EOF supports 1/32, 1/48, and free placement.

4. You can't change the BPM in the middle of the song. EOF supports this though.

5. Doesn't seem like it is supported anymore so you may just have to work with these things. In other words don't expect an update.

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