Custom Songs

This is a work-in-progress list of songs that can be found on the forums. The list is sorted by Artist, then Title. If you would like your song(s) added, feel free to register on here so that you can edit the pages.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be registered on the forums to be able to download songs.

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*For all those who help in anyway with songs or updating the song database, we really appreciate all the hard work! If you are a fretter, please take a minute to sign the Fretters page to show off your profile, your current projects, and what you have done for the FOF Community." -ThaSasquatch

How to *PROPERLY* add songs to the database:

1. EVERY song page is organized in this fashion:

Artist Title Difficulties Instrument(s) Fretted By Forum Page
- - - - - -

If you are going to be adding songs, please organize your song(s) by artist, then title.

2. BE SURE TO CAPITALIZE THE "L" IN LINK!!! I can't tell you how many pages I've gone though and seen it just filled with link (Instead of Link).

3. Add the difficulties as they appear in the default FoF (Supaeasy, Easy, Medium, Amazing), If all difficulties, use "All".

4. Add all charted instruments (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals). If it contains all of these, put "Full Band". If it contains Guitar(s)/Bass/Drums, put "All". Do NOT use abbreviations.

**To save room: If you fret an ENTIRE album or come across one, please add it to the "Albums" page instead of posting every link in the db.

5. And I know this is a toughy, but when adding/editing stuff on the pages please add what you did to the "Short description of changes" box. Thanks!

6. If you are confused in general on how to add songs or whatever, just copy and paste, then add your info. Duh!

Rule that must be followed - Do NOT add direct links to songs from file storage sites (e.x. Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare).

If you are still lost, please read this In-Depth Tutorial, with pictures for extra guidance. :)

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