Alarian Mod

This mod is now known as FoFiX, and all further development is occurring under the name "FoFiX."

(This change occurred in October 2008. This page is only kept for historical reasons.)

Don't expect any useful help or support if you use versions that still contain "Alarian" or "MFH" in their names. You will probably be pointed to the latest stable FoFiX.

MFH FoFiX (formerly called MFH Alarian Mod) is one of the most popular FoF mods, almost every FoF players use this mod instead of using the original Frets on Fire.


(scroll down for latest hotfix)
This is a complete overhaul of Ultimate Coffee's mod for v1.2. It consists of lightening the file, enhancing graphics, cleaning up code, and adding even some more features.


This mod is based on the Ultimate Coffee's Ultimate Mod
which was built on RF_Mod made by Rogue_F

Main coders in alphabetical order:
Alarian, Blazingamer, Capo, Glorandwarf, Myfingershurt,
ShiekOdaSandz, Trinidude4, QQStarS

Main graphic contributors in alphabetical order:
Alarian, Ds~, Dævid, EdisLeado, Skor, Worldrave

Honorary credits to:
Rogue_F, h3r1n6, Ultimate Coffee

Other credits in alphabetical order:
Aduro, blessedmain911, Chadman, Divra, Evil Ken, FoZZ,
Kookoz, Lnkk, Meteorito, Pudding, Racer 13, Raph666,
RavenSourcious, Seraph88, TXF, v4vendetta, YMS


Instructions: Download the 3.0 release of your choice (below the latest patch). Decompress into a folder of your choice. Run FretsOnFire.exe, set your settings. The first time you attempt to play you will be prompted to find your "songs" folder. It must be named "songs" but it may be outside the game folder structure. Enjoy!

If anyone finds problematic note patterns with the after-chord HOPOs, please confirm by performing multiple tests with the various HOPO options, and then create a blank / silent song containing just the problematic pattern and send it to me to use for debugging. Please ensure that your test song exhibits the same problem, if not you need to include more surrounding notes.

Official MFH-Alarian mod website (webspace & domain provided by Leixner):

Remember, his hotfixes are cumulative - the latest fix contains all previous fixes unless otherwise noted.

Known issues with drums:
-some drum "chords" at the end of starpower phrases result in a double starpower reward
-hitglow for drum "chords" only show for the last note hit

Version 3.017 "Fail Detection Fix" - (10/16/2008, 4:00pm PST) - (SVN rev 39 / tag 3.017) —
Patch mediafire download:
ugo's full installer :
New since 3.016:
++Rewrote fail detection logic in function to not be hardcoded for 2 players, to be compatible with future expansion
++Recompiled and FretsOnFire.exe from sources


MFH-Alarian V3.00 Full Release: (~307MB, RAR archive, MegaUpload host)

+All 9 themes - 8bit / MegaLight / Guitar Hero 80s / Guitar Hero Aerosmith / Guitar Hero I / Guitar Hero II / Guitar Hero III / Rock Band 1 / Rock Band 2
+Big-Ass Neck Pack (137 concurrently-named necks)

MFH Mod V3.000 MegaLight only release: (~11MB, RAR archive, Mediafire host)
+MegaLight theme only
+First 10 necks only

Major Changes From 2.995
IMPORTANT differences between 2.9xx and 3.0xx that MUST be followed:
=====Filenames and folders are, for the most part, all lowercase now. We needed a common naming convention, it was chaos before with capital letters tossed in wherever.
=======(These files do not change case: FretsOnFire.exe, MSVCR71.dll, doc\*.*, SDL.dll, SDL_image.dll, SDL_mixer.dll, SDL_ttf.dll, _GL.pyd, and _GLU.pyd)
=======Theme foldernames and song foldernames and neck filenames and stage filenames don't have to be lowercase (but .png extensions do, as always).
=====Renamed "crunchX.wav" to "selectX.wav" for clarity (these 3 SFX are randomly played as you change the highlighted item in a menu)
=====Renamed all Guitar screw up sounds from fibaX.wav to guitscwX.wav
=====Renamed all Bass screw up sounds from bfibaX.wav to bassscwX.wav
=====All .wav files have been compressed to .ogg files. We needed a common sound file format, and this reduces space taken (they all load into memory at startup anyway).

==Replaced RbMFH theme's editor.png with >Slash666<'s fixed image
==Replaced RbMFH theme's Preview.png with BlackJack's fixed image
++Added Blazingamer's font shadowing to songlist (only applies to GH2 & GH3 themes, RB themes unaffected)
++Added Blazingamer's font shadowing to gameplay (this also results in the Rock Band theme using the songlist font in-game, looks OK so I'm gonna leave it)
++++New option under "Fretboard Settings" -> "In-Game Font Shadow" (default Off) - will double-render text objects during gameplay for a shadowing effect (Off to minimize lag)
++Added "mfhlogo.png" to credits and data\ folder
++Added blank lines to end of credits so they scroll off the screen before the credit sequence ends
++Added version numbers to Python and Pygame entries in credits since I know them
++Partial translation code changes from evilynux's .diff patch (any of the bool or int options can have translated dictionary values; the game never refers to those strings, only to the bool or int — so most of these changes are unnecessary)
++Prevented Neck_0.png from being included in the new neck randomization logic
++Updated to V2 of Figure's Fakir font for Rock Band theme from this post
++Added new logic (for Rock Band scoring style only) to calculate and use mrhoievo's partial grey stars from this post — SS
++Added support for separate / optional "drum_overdrive_side_bars.png" - if not present it won't be used
++Moved note accuracy display slightly left when using 2 decimal places to prevent >1000 note counts from overlapping with streak counter box
++Added translatable string "% Complete" from BlackJack's post
++Added separate setting to allow in-game star scoring without the text stats - SS with partial grey star
++++"In-Game Stats" setting now only controls the display of Average Multiplier and Total Accuracy - default now Off
++++New option, under "Theme Settings" -> "In-Game Stars": (default "RB Only") "Off", "RB Only", "On"
++++New option, under "Theme Settings" -> "Partial Stars": (default "Auto") "Auto", "Off" (enables Partial Grey Star system, if available)
++Added log entry to startup routine that displays internal pygame version
++Ensured lyric font does not get shadowed (shadowed lyrics are quite jumpy)
++Added Blazingamer's new GH3-style 3D keys with hit and hold models to both Guitar and Drum objects (no hold models for Drum objects, of course) - 3D notes and keys currently display white
++Relocated script / static lyric display determination logic to initialization routine, so it doesn't happen repeatedly during render
++Fixed loading screen's incorrect font size estimation (was always off-center)
++Added logic to recognize current method of sorting tier songs by name (1. 2. 3.) and filter these numbers out of the songlist display
++Added logic to add indents to tier songs (when sorting by tier)
++Added evilynux's .diff patch to skip blank songlist / cd list lines, and to skip tier lines in songlist mode
++Added logic to catch entering of a completely empty song folder - and kick back out to the parent folder
++Added logic to remove any double blank lines in songlist (resulting from having no "bonus" songs while in career mode, for example)
++Added logic to allow Left and Right to stop on the CareerResetter as well as the Tiers
++Updated Left and Right songlist behavior to not get confused with evilynux's blank line & tier line skipper code
++++Rewrote Dialogs.wrapCenteredText() function to truly provide a line-by-line centering / wrapping capability (x parameter = centerline)
++Fixed GH3 loading screen to always wrap text around the right area (single-line phrases were not positioned correctly)
++Ensured lyric sheet doesn't show up on a song with lyrics when they are disabled
++Added support for Figure's overdrive_string_flash.png for Rock Band themes (glowing strings for a second or so whenever overdrive is gained or activated) - for Guitar objects
++Added support for a drum_overdrive_string_flash.png (does not yet exist) - for Drum objects
++Added missing fallback logic to Guitar objects for optional loading of overdrive side_bars and overdrive center_lines
++New user setting under Game Settings -> "MIDI/RB Sections" (default Auto): "Off", "Auto" - enables scrolling section names across the top of the screen (where available) - Guitar solos will still work with this Off (with no warning)
++evilynux renamed all neck filenames to Neck_001,002,003, etc. so they display in order again (since arbitrary neck filenames may now be used)
++Normalized all Rock Band main menu songs (they were at VASTLY different volume levels)
++Ensured that bass drum notes are always rendered before other drum notes, so the bass drum notes don't obscure them - SS
++Fixed use of translated "Standard" animated stage option in guitarscene (changed to "Normal" as well for clarity) - detail post
++When hit accuracy is set to display in the center and guitar solo is also set to display in the center, bump solo accuracy and review texts up above it to avoid overlap - detail post
++New option under "Audio Settings" -> "Mute last second" (default Off): Off, On (will mute all audio tracks at the last second for those who have songs with clicks at the end) — detail post
++Renamed "Gh2" theme folder to "Guitar Hero II", updated to Project Clone's latest version
++Duplicated loading phrases from GH3 theme into GH2's theme.ini (instead of "Loading phrases coming soon!")
++Added Blazingamer's Megalight theme V2 and making it the default / fallback theme
++Duplicated loading phrases from Rock Band theme into MegaLight's theme.ini
++Fixed MegaLight's songlist display color to show song names in white (song_name_text_color = #FFFFFF)
++Added partial stars capability to MegaLight theme (can be disabled in options, and only adds 80kB to MegaLight)
++Renamed "Gh1" theme folder to "Guitar Hero I"
++Added theme.ini entries to adjust Guitar Hero I theme (menu position, loading phrase position, song name color, etc)
++Renamed Gh3 folder to Guitar Hero III (worldrave's GH3 theme v2.09)
++Added Project Clone's Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's theme to full release as "Guitar Hero 80s" folder
++Duplicated GH3 theme.ini loading phrases to GH80's theme.ini (instead of "loading phrases coming soon!")
==IMPORTANT: Renamed all files and folders and code references to lowercase (except FretsOnFire.exe, MSVCR71.dll, doc\*.*, SDL.dll, SDL_image.dll, SDL_mixer.dll, SDL_ttf.dll, _GL.pyd, and _GLU.pyd)
====THEME CREATORS - please download the newest version of your theme from the 3.000 posted links, or make sure all your folder and file names are lowercase for cross-platform compatibility!
++Renamed "RbMFH" theme folder to "Rock Band"
++Added ugo's Rock Band 2 theme to full release with folder name "Rock Band 2"
++Added partial grey star capability to ugo's Rock Band 2 theme
Removed 8-bit theme from full release (this will be an optional download, it does not fit in as a GH/RB theme)
++Added a Guitar Hero: Aerosmith theme to the "Guitar Hero Aerosmith" folder, from this thread
++Duplicated theme.ini settings for GHA songlist colors and loading phrases from GH3 theme.ini
++Removed "Cassette Tapes" mod (since we have individual control over cassettes and guitar cases in the other mods)
==Renamed "Cassettes Only" mod to "Cassettes"
==Renamed "Guitar Cases Only" mod to "Guitar Cases"
++Added Blazingamer's low-poly CDs & cases mod as "Low Poly CD List"
++Added treckzy's glowing bass groove multiplier for Rock Band 2 theme
++New selection for "Animated Stage" - "Random" (translatable, only available if 2 or more animated subfolders are found) - will randomly select one of the animated stage subfolders in <themename>\stages\ (it will ignore the base stages\ folder)
++Added TypusMensch's "Beavis and Butthead" and "Schizo Tunnel" animated stage subfolders to Rock Band 1 theme as small demonstrations (needed at least 2 to demonstrate Random)
++Replaced Schizo Tunnel stage with animated stage from this post by SneakHouse
++Replaced "99pct1.ogg" with a sound clip from Wayne's World - "Okay. Party. Bonus."
++Replaced "99pct2.ogg" with a sound clip from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - "Excellent! <air guitar>"
++Replaced "99pct3.ogg" with a clip from riff 33 from this page
++Replaced "100pct1.ogg" with a sound clip from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - "Whoa…"
++Replaced "100pct2.ogg" with "endsong.wav" from p_025's RB ripped SFX
==Renamed all Guitar screw up sounds from fibaX.wav to guitscwX.wav
==Renamed all Bass screw up sounds from bfibaX.wav to bassscwX.wav
++Updated to worldrave's GH3 theme hotfix 10
++Fixed tutorial "Unsubscriptable Object" crash - detail post
++Ensured tutorial has failing disabled
++Ensured partial grey star status resets along with song restarts
++Fixed HOPO before chord strum issue involving Tribe - Outside
++Wrote some new pre-emptive same-note HOPO strum patten detection to help determine HOPO strumming intentions
++Wrote new logic to allow tracking of multiple HOPO problem notes (for strumming a HOPO while your fingers match the next chord) — test this with 3.000 beta4, requires 2.995 and windows (or renaming all data & theme files to lowercase as detailed above): download beta4
++++Enhanced HOPO debug log output and added this new multiple problem note tracking to the HOPO on-screen debug
++Replaced RB overdrive center lines & overdrive side bars with Dillusional's
++Added support for p_025's RB ripped SFX
++++Normalized audio levels for all of these SFX to -10db by perceived loudness (could barely hear them before)
++++Added optional support for theme-based Guitar screw-up sounds (guitscwX.wav)
++++Added optional support for theme-based Bass screw-up sounds (bassscwX.wav)
++++Added optional support for theme-based Drum miss sounds (drumscwX.wav)
++++Added optional support for theme-based rocksound.ogg
++++Created rocksound.ogg for Rock Band 1 theme from "endsong.wav" from p_025's RB ripped SFX
++++Renamed starpower.wav to optional crowdcheers.wav, added logic to play crowd cheer when starpower is activated and when a great (or better) solo is finished
++++Created starpower.wav for Rock Band 1 theme from "energy gain.wav" from p_025's RB ripped SFX
++++Added optional support for a separate "Starpower / overdrive gained & ready to use" sound ("starpowerready.wav" from "energy gain, OD Ready.wav" in p_025's RB ripped SFX)
++++Added optional support for a separate "Starpower / overdrive activation" sound ("staractivate.wav" from "OD Activate.wav" in p_025's RB ripped SFX)
++++Added optional support for a "Starpower / overdrive depleted" sound ("stardeactivate.wav" from "back.wav" in p_025's RB ripped SFX - plays nothing if absent)
++++Added optional support for a random selection of 10 "Accept / action" SFX ("accept1.wav" - "accept10.wav" from "rb conf01.wav" - "rb conf10.wav" in p_025's RB ripped SFX - either all required or none) instead of just the one "action.wav" (or "in.wav")
++Renamed "crunchX.wav" to "selectX.wav" for clarity (these 3 SFX are randomly played as you change the highlighted item in a menu) <===IMPORTANT, ATTENTION THEMERS
++Added new mod to mods folder, "MegaLight RB Notes": uses Rock Band 1 notes.png for the MegaLight theme
++New option under "Theme Settings" -> "Animation Delay": (default 3) delay to use for animated stages (subfolders) - separate from Rotation Delay, which is only for the stages\ folder slideshow
++Added logic to automatically select the first animated stage by default if at least one is found, when you restart with a new theme; otherwise falllback on Normal (rotation / slideshow)
++Added logic to default to the Rock Band 1 theme if it exists with MegaLight still as a fallback
++Added new function to Options menu, untranslatable: "Reset to English" - will reset language to English and restart, just in case you get trapped in a language you can't understand (unless already using English)
++Added partial grey star scoring calculations & support to GH-style star scoring.
++Added partial grey star scoring calculations & support to FoF-style star scoring.
++Translation update to Alexfighter's Spanish v1.5 from 25th September 2008
++Translation update to BlackJack's French (Reform 1990) v0.85, Pig Latin v0.85, English Reversed 1.0
++Translation update to x-driver's German v0.41 from 2008-09-18
++Added background auto-scaling logic to Game Results screen (neck select background already scales automatically)
++Compressed all .wav files to .ogg, changed appropriate loading code - test the final (hopefully) beta (windows only, Rock Band 1 theme only, others must rename all files as above to lowercase and compress all .wav files to .ogg): 3.000.beta5
++Re-built FretsOnFire.exe & from sources - releases will contain a full windows src folder, complete with batch files
++++Updated script to properly compile & build FretsOnFire.exe &

Check Thread [] for latest MFH-Alarian Updates

MFH 2.9 Changelog

Version 2.955
New since 2.951:
++Fixed crash caused by setting neck speed to Percentage mode with a 400% speed percent
++++(although excessive neck speeds require a VERY high frame rate to display correctly…)
++Fixed error caused by attempting to type / search for a song with career titles
++Added logic to display "bonus" songs (non-tiered songs in a career folder) at the end of the list instead of first
++Fixed non-career song sorting
++Filtered out "practice.png" from stage rotation modes and random stage mode
++Added logic to force lowercase to file name extension checks (some .PNG backgrounds may have never been loaded while .png backgrounds were)
++Added Death Legion's separated Cassette / Guitar Cases mods
++++Note: Since patches only overwrite, I had to put these mods into new folders (leaving the original "Cassette Tapes" mod intact)
++Renamed "Song Previews: Yellow Fret" to "Song Previews: Yellow Fret (#3)" for clarity
++Renamed "Song Choosing Highscores: Blue Fret" to "Song Choosing Highscores: Blue Fret (#4)" for clarity
++Fixed crash caused by songlist: CDs mode (actually crashes when a title is encountered - undefined situation)
++Added a method to represent Career tiers (as CD cases) in CD list (they used to just show up as blank spaces in the CD stack)
++Added logic to allow Career Tiers to be highlighted but not selected (to allow tier name display in CD songlist - later, will also allow tier labels and tier detail)
++Added logic to display Career tier names when they are highlighted in a CD songlist
++Added Blazingamer's updated GH2 score code - now held notes will keep the score meter updated as they build points
++Disabled auto and yellow-fret previews for locked songs in Career mode
++Added kawaii_kumiko69's latest RB tails
++Moved "Jurgen Is Here" text a bit higher when in 2-player mode
++Forced sort by name (instead of artist or tag if selected) for Career songs (within tiers)
++Completely disabled Jurgen for Career mode
++Reversed neck selection render order to render BG on top of necks
++Changed GH3 pause menu text to match worldrave's list and re-aligned pause menu text
++Added new "script.txt" lyric display position setting, can display on bottom (under fretboard) or on top (where scrolling lyrics go)
++Fixed GH3 loading text position in theme.ini
++Added EdisLeado's GH3 killswitch tails v2
++Added death_au's 8-bit theme killswitch tails (non-filled)
++Added Main Menu (MainText.png) scale factor adjustment to theme.ini
++Added Main Menu item vertical spacing adjustment to theme.ini
++Added theme.ini positioning options for all main menu - text submenus
++Added evilynux's fix for the GH3 tail Linux problem
++Added separate theme.ini text color options for:
++++Options menu text / selected text (only affects the main Options / Settings screen; all other submenus use the base_color and selected_color)
++++Pause menu text / selected text (only affects the main Pause menu; all other submenus use the base_color and selected_color)
++++Fail menu text / selected text
++++Career titles / venues text
++++Songlist songname text / selected text
++++Songlist artist & year text / selected text
++++Songlist folder text / selected text

Version 2.951
New since 2.950:
++Fixed logic to NOT ignore seemingly "empty" folders (with only other folders inside them - Tier folders) when listing songs

Version 2.950 -
++Changed RbMFH Loading font to worldrave's Rock Band Font
++Added italiansta1ion's 8-bit main menu text / support for 8-bit theme
++Added correct dots and score font to match Blazingamer's GH2 rockmeter
++Fixed errors / typos in RbMFH theme.ini loading phrases
++Removed unnecessary spaces in all theme.ini loading phrases
++Added evil-doer's latest / beveled RbMFH main menu
++Fixed "starding" SFX Volume setting code to use internal variable instead of reading from INI file during gameplay
++Updated Help-Manual.txt to explain "Encoding = UTF-8" and "Encoding = Latin" accent / tilde handling modes
++Added "Party Mode" to the Multiplayer sub-menu
—Removed "Party Mode" and "No Player 2" from 2p part select menu
++Changed Solo Review text from greenish-blue to white for visibility
++Fixed stage rotation logic when Stage is set to Default
++Merged features from Hero FOF 3.0
For Career Mode careers, go to the Thread in Tune Posting
and download from the first post. Instructions for using Career Mode can all be found here. I will slowly update my documentation to cover Career Mode later.

Version 2.940-
New since 2.935:
Note: 2.936 (unofficial patch) included separate Versiontag.png images for each theme (in RbMFH\Menu\ and Gh3\Menu\) - Please delete these; my patches do not include new version tag graphics for each theme, this would be confusing to keep up with.
++Added worldrave's GH3 theme.ini customization settings to the patch
++Replaced GH3 theme Preview.png and star4.png with latest versions from worldrave
++Integrated changes from wolferacing's 2.936 hotfix
-Added to Help-Manual.txt: For the French translation (and others with accents), add this line in your fretsonfire.ini, under the [game] section:
encoding = utf-8
++Moved wolferacing's name to Main Coders list - just noticed it was not there
++Moved rchiav's name to Main Coders list (memory leakage)
++Added Maze2234's name to Main Coders list (Python client/server communications)
++Added entire Hero FOF team to credits under a new heading, "Career Mode / Hero FOF Team"
++Fixed typos in theme.ini loading phrases
++Updated ThemeINI Instructions.txt documentation to reflect new loading_phrase and results_phrase separator (underscore instead of comma)
++Added option under Game menu ("MFH Version 2.940") -> "P2 Menu Navigate":
++++"Off" disables Player 2's menu navigation abilities
++++"On" (default) enables Player 2's menu navigation abilities
++Added fail menu background & text positioning documentation to ThemeINI Instructions.txt
++Removed 2-player mode from Options menu
++Made sure that you can back out to the songlist after picking a song
++Ensured SFX volume gets applied to Select, Accept, and Cancel sounds as well
++Renamed "HOPO Timing" option to "HOPO Frequency" for clarity
++Fixed neck speed calculations for BPM mode and Diff&BPM modes to match Help-Manual.txt documentation
++Renamed "Constant Speed" numerical setting back to "Speed Percent" for clarity
++Renamed "Set Constant" board speed option to "Percentage" for clarity
++++Inverted the scale for "Percentage" mode: higher values = faster neck speeds
++++Changed default "Speed Percent" to 100
++Added death_au's "Oldschool 3D Songlist" mod to the patch
++++If your "Settings > Song List Settings > Song Display >" is set to "CDs",
++++you can switch to cassette tapes: "Settings > Mods > Cassette Tapes > On"
++Relocated Neck Select menu to a sub-menu in "Settings" -> "Choose Neck >"
++++Created new Dialog class "NeckChooser", to be loaded only on-demand
++++Added loading screen while neck menu is being prepared
++Removed Neck Menu enable setting
++Added Neck Menu prompt "Yellow / Blue to change:" for clarity
++Added drawing of a black background (neckBackBlack.png) behind Neck menu (in front of Options BG) so that transparent necks show the black
++Added Slantyr's GH2 MainText.png to support the 2.900 GH2 theme (Project Clone is a separate theme until next major release)
+++Updated GH2 theme.ini with typo-corrected loading phrases, and MenuText.png positioning
++Added Blazingamer's song-specific stage background code ("background.png" in song folder used when song is played)
++++Added separate user setting to enable or disable song-specific stage backgrounds "MFH Version 2.940" -> "Song Stage"
++++++"On" (default) will display <songfolder>\background.png as the stage background if it exists, unless in Practice mode (or stage mode is Blank)
++++++"Off" will ignore <songfolder>\background.png and use the normal stage rotation or display logic
+++Wrote new stage background logic to handle all the new background situations:
+++++"Blank" stage mode takes precedence over everything else; no practice background or song-specific background will be shown
+++++Practice mode will attempt to use "practice.png" in <themename>\Stages —- if this is not found, it will use "Blank" stage mode
+++++If not in practice mode, if enabled, if a song-specific "background.png" is found in the song folder, that background will be used
+++++Otherwise, the normal stage mode option will be used (default stage, random stage, rotating stages)
++Fixed Practice Mode's operation when "Rotate Stages" is enabled
++Applied SFX volume also to the "Start" sound (plays when song starts and is quite loud)
++Rewrote main menu logic:
+++GH themes: 6 selections
+++++Multiplayer (submenu: Face-Off, Pro Face-Off)
+++++Training (submenu: Tutorial, Practice)
+++RB themes: 5 selections
+++++Solo (submenu: Career, Quickplay)
+++++Multiplayer (submenu: Face-Off, Pro Face-Off)
+++++Training (submenu: Tutorial, Practice)
++Added Blazingamer's Project Clone GH2 score meter support / code (rockmeter position is not perfect but close enough for now)

Base Alarian 2.7 Download

Development of this mod is fast. For the latest version, make sure you visit: Alarian Mod thread

Latest Mac version
Latest Linux version

Full Download 2.7 (5 Themes)
Rapidshare link
Minimal Download 2.7 (1 STRIPPED Theme only)
Mediafire link

Recommended Downloads/Guides
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EOF 1.1, Amazing program for fretting songs:;f=11;t=22606

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