Fixing Lag and Optimizing Performance

General Frets On Fire Lag-fixing Tips

These are potential ways to help fix lagging problems for unmodded versions of Frets On Fire but note that they apply to any mods in general:

Among other things, always make sure you have the latest video card drivers.

For some people, dual core or dual processors cause lag in the game. If you have one of these setups, go to the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete, you might have to click the task manager box) and go to processes. Find the fretsonfire.exe and right click, choose Set Affinity and untick one of the processors listed.

If you are experiencing extreme lag, make sure you are running the game using a color quality of 32bit (in the Display Properties Settings)

Finally, try closing unnecessary processes (in the task manager).

You can also download the RF-Mod4, which offers good performance.
And try the "lightweight" graphics mods:
Noob Edition - thread with version for 1.1.324
Noob Edition - thread with version for 1.2.451

Running On Vista

If you are runnning Frets On Fire on Vista, you may run into some lag as well on older versions of FoF. The easiest way to fix this problem is to set FoF's compatibility mode to Windows 2000 using these steps.
1) Right click your fretsonfire.exe
2) Go to properties and go to compatibility
3) Set "Compatibility Mode" to Windows 2000

Using FoFiX

In addition to the guidelines above, if you use FoFiX you can try to set each of the settings as follows:

1. Video:

Video Resolution - 800x600
Full Screen Mode - No*
Antialiasing Quality - 4x

* If you still want full screen, set the video resolution to the same resolution as your computer's.

2. Advanced Video Settings:

Frames Per Second - 119

3. Performance/Debug:

(Turn off Autoset and go into Manual Settings)

Priority - 5 Realtime
Starnotes - Static
Static Strings - Yes
Killswitch FX - Static
Preload Glyph Cache - Yes

These are general recommended settings. Obviously, nice computers may be able to handle higher settings such as Full Screen and Animated Starnotes, whereas older and slower computers might not.

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