Official Unofficial Frets on Fire Fan Forum's IRC Channel

Do you want to chat with other FoF users live?
Well then, do we have the place for you!
Forget messenger clients, we have 10 year old chat technology at our disposal!

We have moved to new servers.
The server is ''. (Without quotes) Try & not mess that up, if you mess that up, you won't be able to connect.
The channel is '#FOF-FF'. (Again, without quotes) And yet again, don't mess that up, or you can't connect.

You can use a great number of methods to connect to the IRC channel.
The first being of course, mIRC. It's what most people use to connect.
The second method, is with Undernet's web client. Pick a nick, the join the #fof-ff channel.
Thirdly, you can connect using Mibbit. Simply enter '' as the server, choose your nick, and connect.

Enjoy, and try and not get yourselves banned, ok?

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