FoF - Song Manager


FoF - Song Manager is a tool to easy manage your songs, made by TypusMensch. You can for exampel add songs from *.rar and *.zip files, add labels, delete highscores and listen songs.


- manage your music library
- function to sorting and searching of tracks
- changes artist, title, frets, cassette-color, label, count, delay, (de)activate subtitles
- add, edit and delete labels
- reads BPM, difficulties, instruments, totally notes from notes.mid
- play songs in the program
- add, save and delete tracks into/from music library
- upload songs to your FTP
- make, load and import music library backup
- save tracklist to CSV, HTML (website) and TXT
- compare tracklists
- picture gallerie (from labels)
- "FoF Tools GUI" (like
- "Midi-Parser"
- automaticly renaming of directories
- fast deleting of all highscores, counters, frets, .. and so on
- delete empty folders in your library
- fast deleting of (temporary) files in song directories like song.ini.bak, notes.eof , … and so on
- autocreating of "song.ogg" and "preview.ogg"
- detects songs with less then 5 notes (fake notes/tracks)
- convert MP3 to OGG
- and some others




There have been reports of some bugs, mostly German since this is/was developed by a German programmer.
Songs cannot have a path name longer than 255 characters, to fix this use a shorter path such as "C:\FOF\data\songs" instead of "C:\Frets-on-Fire-RF-Mod-4.15\data\songs"


Project Website (German)

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