Standalone Frets on Fire Mod

FoFiX is a fork of Frets On Fire that tries to resemble Guitar Hero and Rock Band to a greater extent than most other mods while still maintaining some of FoF's original aspects.
It is the work of a considerable number of developers and is actively developed; it adds features such as star power/overdrive, failing, and sections markings, drums, vocals, character profiles, battle mode, and more.


The name was decided on when the project moved to Google Code. The project has changed hands many times throughout its history, and the project has traditionally carried the nicknames of its main developers; however, since this became far too troublesome for users to keep track of, the developers settled on the FoFiX name. Before the name switched to FoFiX, the project was known as MFH/Alarian Mod, and MFH (Myfingershurt) is the main developer that most people will associate with this project, but this project would not exist if it weren't for the code contributed by other developers before and after him such as:

  • Rogue_F
  • Ultimate Coffee
  • Alarian
  • Evilynux
  • Blazingamer
  • Capo
  • Glorandwarf
  • ShiekOdaSandz
  • Trinidude4
  • QQStarS
  • wolferacing
  • rchiav,
  • .liquid.
  • Akedrou
  • Qstick
  • Stump (jstump91)
  • Worldrave
  • and of course the Unreal Voodoo team

Name History
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The latest stable release is version 3.121, released on Sunday, December 6, 2009.

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