FoFiX - Install

This is to those who wish to try out FoFiX on their Operating System.
FoFiX is under active development and new versions are released very often.
Total conversion mods of FoF should be treated as a seperate installation, therefore it is important that you do not try to place this mod in the mod folder. It will simply not run.
If you wish to keep an old installation of FoF that is just fine but you can also just completly replace FoF.

Release Numbers

The releases are marked with a 4 digit number. W.XYZ

First Digit: Major
W The first digit tells us the major release. A major release is what the name implies. In most cases a major release is not compatible with other major relases. Could be something as small as a different naming scheme, which was the case between 2 and 3.

Second Digit: Not known
X I simply have no clue what this is for the time being once we know we will add the info here

Third Digit: Full
Y The third digit tells us that this release includes a new feature or two. It also tells us that there's a new full release candidate available for download that contains all previous small releases.

Last Digit: Minor
Z The last digit marks a small patch. it contains all previous small patches

Normal Installation

Full Relase
First thing you want to dowload is a full release.
Grab the latest full release from this url:

A thing you might want to know, between full release new patches cointains EVERYTHING from previous patches from this relase.
This means that when you've downloaded the latest release, the only patch you need is the last one. The one with the highest number that is ;)
Grab the latest patch from this url:


Themes are distributed seperatelywhen using the instructions from this page. The only theme that you get with this instructions is the Megalight theme done by blazingamer.
This theme is perfectly fine but you might want something more detailed.
Follow this url for a list of supported themes:

Themes are placed in folder inside the installation called Themes. It is found in gamedirectory/data/themes.
Further instructions will need to be added here, but they must remain generic! - Azzco

Windows Specific

Install wizards are released for windows but they're not well accepted and not maintend by the main developers.

Follow the above instructions and extract the contents of the full release in the "Program Files" directory, you will need winrar to extract the contents of the folder,

Start Menu Entry
Someone please help me out on this one. I have no idea myself as I'm on a linux box myself - Azzco

Linux Specific

Deb Packages
Evilynux has mentioned that he will created .deb files. Ubuntu and Debian users will be able to use these and since Evilynux is a debian package manager and also a main developer they will most likely be supported. instructions will be added when they are actually available.

This will install the game directory to /usr/local/games and a execute script will be added to /usr/local/bin
These instructions will download the latest full release and latest patch, and move the files into the corect directories. They will also make use of the sudo command if you're not using sudo use root priviligies the way you normally do. 64 bit users will just have to replace 32bit with 64bit.
If a new relase is out please update this text to reflect this.

cd ~/Desktop
tar -xvf FoFiX-3.020-Full-GNULinux-32bit.tar.bz2
tar -xvf FoFiX-3.025-Patch-GNULinux-32bit.tar.bz2
cp -r FoFiX-3.025-Patch-GNULinux-32bit/* FoFiX-MegaLight-3.020-32bit/
rm -r FoFiX-3.025-Patch-GNULinux-32bit
sudo cp -r FoFiX-MegaLight-3.020-32bit/ /usr/local/games/fofix
rm -r FoFiX-MegaLight-3.020-32bit/
sudo editor /usr/local/bin/fofix

You can replace editor with any graphical editor of use. if you do not it will use your console text editor.
Add this into the file:

cd /usr/local/games/fofix && ./FretsOnFire "$@"

And last make it exectuable, I'm also removing the archives as they're not needed anymore but this is highly optional:

sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/fofix
rm FoFiX*
I'm going to test this commands and I do not know if there's anything wrong right now Azzco

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