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HenkTeunissenHenkTeunissen 18 Jul 2015 16:36
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Was trying to add songs to this page and was greeted with a "character limit reached". Any ideas?

by HenkTeunissenHenkTeunissen, 18 Jul 2015 16:36

I haven't played this in a very long time and have no clue about the new versions, but in the past I think the "supaeasy/easy/medium/amazing" difficulties were used to avoid copyright problems, both in FoF and on the site.

Adding an instruments column would be a lot of work at this stage since you would have to add the column lines to each and every row on every page, on the right position of every row. I'm not sure if that work is warranted since the vast majority of songs in the database are still guitar only.

I would suggest to discuss this on the forum since not many people look at the comments here. If enough people think a new column makes sense then I'm sure someone will step up to take on the tedious task. Right now I personally don't think that column is really necessary, though.

Many links in the packs section have become outdated and the topic they point to is either gone or moved. These should be updated.

Link update by RockGuy32RockGuy32, 18 Feb 2010 02:12

Almost everybody uses FoFiX instead of vanilla FoF, so I second this. Also, for the same reason, I think the "difficulty" column should use easy/medium/hard/expert rather than supaeasy/easy/medium/amazing.

I don't see how anyone would have an issue with an "instruments" column, except maybe that it should be called "tracks" instead.

With the wide support for bass/rhythm and especially drum tracks, as well as vocals in beta, it's about time we added an "instruments" tab alongside artist/title/difficulties/fretter/link. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to add - I'd do it myself, but first I want check that it's welcome.

go to edit and find your song in alphabetic order. make space between two songs and follow the writing of guy before you. just rename your song,artist,fretter and Link to your topic.

Re: Difficulties
nwrunwru 31 Dec 2008 17:13
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Albums

Good point. Fixed!

Re: Difficulties by nwrunwru, 31 Dec 2008 17:13
FiveFive 31 Dec 2008 16:51
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Albums

So, why are the difficulties of the finished albums named after the GH difficulties and not, as with the rest of the song lists, in FoF difficulties?

Difficulties by FiveFive, 31 Dec 2008 16:51
Move link?
AzzcoAzzco 25 Sep 2008 19:01
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » EOF

Move the link "Creating Songs With EOF" from front page into the EOF Page?
Just though it might clean up a bit…

Move link? by AzzcoAzzco, 25 Sep 2008 19:01
Re: EOF?
nwrunwru 30 Aug 2008 03:54
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By all means, yes!

I would like this wiki to be an extensive resource for all things relating to FOF. If you think that articles on the other editors would help others, then don't hesitate to make one (or at least start one). If you're not sure, then just post in here and for a consensus.

Re: EOF? by nwrunwru, 30 Aug 2008 03:54
drtran23drtran23 30 Aug 2008 03:37
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Does anyone think that maybe some pages should be created for the editors, besides EOF, and maybe create separate section? Just a question.

EOF? by drtran23drtran23, 30 Aug 2008 03:37
Edition description
raph666raph666 03 Jul 2008 05:07
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when you edit the start page, or any page, could you please write a simple description of your actions? This way there's no obscure modifications that go unnoticed and it makes it easier to see what happens on the wiki. Thanks!

Edition description by raph666raph666, 03 Jul 2008 05:07

not sure wat to do

Re: Question
FiveFive 05 Jan 2008 12:56
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Custom Songs

Thanks for adding those! It really makes browsing more comfortable!

I added the letter navigation also to the bottom of the long pages.

Re: Question by FiveFive, 05 Jan 2008 12:56

You have to register at the forum to be able to access the song threads. These are not direct download links but links to the forum.

Re: cannotdownload any songs by FiveFive, 28 Dec 2007 12:50

each time i tried to download a song i get an eeror message saying you do not have access to this forum you are not login and below you are login as evel221. i am completely lost

cannotdownload any songs by evel221evel221, 23 Dec 2007 12:45
Re: Question
ZaxCG2ZaxCG2 16 Dec 2007 02:14
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Custom Songs

Alright! Copy pasta is done. Dig in everybody.

Maybe I'll go back and remove the links from the letters of the current page… maybe.

Re: Question by ZaxCG2ZaxCG2, 16 Dec 2007 02:14
Re: Question
nwrunwru 14 Dec 2007 13:57
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Custom Songs

mmm, copypasta. Sounds like a great idea to me. Go for it. =)

Re: Question by nwrunwru, 14 Dec 2007 13:57
ZaxCG2ZaxCG2 14 Dec 2007 06:41
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Custom Songs

Why don't we have the links to all the letters we see here on each individual letter page?
I'll be willing to throw some copy-pasta on those if you want. It makes for 10 times easier navigation… seriously…

or you just don't have to hit back every time you browse…
Just asking before I did anything…

Question by ZaxCG2ZaxCG2, 14 Dec 2007 06:41
Re: nice
nwrunwru 23 Sep 2007 21:40
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Song List - M

Totally. Props to Blackfate =)

Re: nice by nwrunwru, 23 Sep 2007 21:40
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