Freetar Hero

Note is not online anymore. You can still get it at the Google Code Page.


Freetar (also called Freetar Hero) is a rhythm game based on the popular PS2 game Guitar Hero. In the Guitar Hero, the player attempted to 'play' songs back through a unique guitar-shaped controller or the PS2 gamepad by pressing buttons in time with the music. As the player progressed, the button pressed became faster and more complex, giving the user the illusion that they were playing the song.

Freetar takes this to the next level, allowing players to create, edit, and playback button timings for any song they have on their computer with any gamepad-like device they have hooked to their PC!


The following music formats are supported:

  • MIDI
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • MP3
  • WMA

Freetar Editor & Freetar Game

The 'game' is composed of two parts: an editor (Freetar Editor) and the game (Freetar Game).

'Freetar Editor' is intended for people who want to create new songs to play back (either from their own music files, or those freely available on the web). It allows the users to edit the button timings for any supported music file in their collection. The song settings are then stored in a .SNG file, which are then used by Freetar Game. The editor also allows the user to play-back the song immediately so that they can test out the button timings and fingering.

'Freetar Game' is the 'game' portion of the program. It is where the player can load up a song, play it back, and work on beating their high score! Like the editor, this portion of the program is available as an early beta.

Download Freetar

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