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Fretter Link To Song Thread Special Projects
23rootbeer Link Ripped Guitar Praise Songs, JamBand Songs, Rock Band DLC, and Christian Songs Collection
2DHumanity Link PSGP4 (W.I.P.): Link, 2DHumanity's Heavy Metal Hero I (W.I.P.): Link
aCROX999 Link Megadeth : Endgame (Full Album): Link Severed Fifth Discography: Link Anime Hero IV: Link Unlucky Morpheus: Technical Melodic Speed Metal! Link
ADeadlierSnake Link
AlBelGim Link A|M|H: Link The League: Link Myths & Legends of Kamelot: Link (doesn't chart anymore)
aleksandr912 Link
Amak11 Link GH Rocks The 80's Theme: Link GTA Radio Station Mega Charts: Link Taylor Swift Album Thread: Link
Angevil Link Angevil Hero I: Link Angevil Hero II: Link Angevil Hero III: Link Angevil Hero IV: Link The League: Link The League II: Link
anthman852 Link
ArizerXion Link
Bizznatch Link
BlackFate Profile - Links in Signature.
BlademanEXE Link
Chainsaw Octopus Link
Comfort_Eagle Link
deadly_zombie Link
DarKnight36 Link
Davidrawr Link
Delainfr Link My Return Hero (1st hero): Link, My second Hero(Mustis Winter Hero style): Link, Scar Symmetry's The Unseen Empire FULL ALBUM! Link
Demoj Link Demoj's Low Quality Hero W.I.P.
dertanz Link Parkway Drive-Deep Blue Album: Link Between the Buried And Me-Colors Album: W.I.P.
FretsonFire7 Link
Froogs Link
Flowerzink Link Flowerzink's Bass Hero Link
Founded2013 Link
Furious G None Metallica - S&M Album: Link WWE Theme Songs: Link
Furiouss Link Megadeath Drum Career: Link All Fired Up Drum Career: Link Drum Killaz Career: Link Drum Project 2 Link Tutorial-How To Add A Drum Solo: Link
GhostByob Link J-Rock Band Band Project Link (Moved to C3 Forums)
Gyoo Link
HaVok82 Link
Henk Link Stone Sour Discography: Link Disturbed - Asylum Album: Link
insane4488 Link
JackDaMaster Link Drum Project 2 Link August Burns Red-Constellations Album: W.I.P.
Kaxemarunara Link
KTownEgghead Link
Kurkuma Link Rage Against The Machine Topic: Link Static X Topic: Link
Le_Rock Link (doesn't chart anymore)
Luap911 Link
lukarocker Link
m9 Link
MagicmasterO2O Link Charting song requests
MasteRens Link Lordi Discography and songs worth fretting
Maupy2 Link
Moonflow43 Link
Mich Zimmerman Link
mikszn Link
Miscellany Link
mmsteelers Link
MopHead Link
mrstuprigge Link Drum Project 2 Link Underoath-Define The Great Line Album: W.I.P.
Mustis666 Link Mustis and Tadracing Inc. Packs: Link Nightwish Discography: Link Mustis' Winter Hero: W.I.P.
narutostarwars123456 Link Led Zeppelin Discography (Guitar, Bass, Drums) WIP Link Genesis Thread (Guitar, Bass, Drums) Link
Niels567 Link
obZen Link obZen Hero: Link Was "Almost" Another Hero: Link Mastodon: Crack The Skye: Link The League: Link The League II: Link
Odino Link
ONAONEMEU Link Lisarb 1 - A Lenda Brazuca / Lisarb 2 - Mais do que Samba e Futebol. No longer updating my song thread as I've moved to a speadsheet (check signature).
OneHungryWater Link FOF-Melodeath: Link
Orbiteli Link (doesn't chart anymore)
Oscarj08 Link Rock Band AC/DC Mod + Discography (Guitar, bass, Drums, Vocals) : Link
Puppetz Link Puppetz Hero-Best Of The Best: Link Puppetz Hero II-Xtreme: Link Puppetz Hero III-Guitar Legends: Link Puppetz Hero IV-Ultimatum: Link Puppetz Hero-Megadeath: Link Puppetz Hero-Metallica: Link Puppetz Hero-Trivium: Link The League: Link Puppetz Hero-Zero: W.I.P. Rockband X: W.I.P. Advanced Song Tutorial Pt. 1: Link Advanced Song Tutorial Pt. 2: Link (doesn't chart anymore)
Powerstars Link
Qwinther Link A Brothers Hero: Link
rich0523 Link
ryanpanties Link Short Music For Short Heros I: Link Short Music For Short Heros II: Link Tap On Tap Fire: Link Vocal Charts-Song Index: Link
slashfan7964 Link SF Hero I: Link SF Hero II: Link SF Hero III: W.I.P.
snp409 Link
Sonicandshadow97 Link Sonic & Shadow Hero: Link
SUSAltd Link Guitar Hero-Satriani: W.I.P.
Sygenysis Link
thebocaj Link Bocaj Hero I: Link Bocaj Hero II: Link Bocaj Hero III: Legends: W.I.P.
The Hyphen Link
the wicked child Link
the_spike Link
Thugz411 Link
tlg1793 Link GH: Skillet W.I.P. - 67 Songs Done Link
Typhus Link Lamb Of God-Ashes Of The Wake Album: Link Lamb Of God-Sacrament Album: Link
Ungrateful Dead Link Hero is Dead: Link
Vectris Link Song.ini Generator: Link
Woddles Link Various original singles and theme edits
Xaltheron Link
xX CrisS Link
Yhughu Link Yhughu Hero 1 & 2(W.I.P.) and PSGP 1,2 & 3(W.I.P.)
Zenophobic Link Guitaraoke Scorehero Conversion Packs 1-2-3 Click Link for Download Info in Profile
zgckevon Link GH: Skillet W.I.P. - 67 Songs Done Link
ZSonicMaster Link The Sword Discovery Link BURST! "Lazarus Bird" Track Pack Link
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