Guitar Hero Compilation Mod


The Guitar Hero Compilation Mod
for Frets On Fire

This is an entire install of Frets On Fire version 1.1.324 including the following mods:

All GH1 and GH2 songs (including bonus tracks)

RF-Mod v3.5

C-Mod v.3

GH Difficulties Mod

GH Background Mod v0.2 and 0.3 combined with CrowdMod so that the crowd only sounds when you're at a concert

Guitar Perspective Mod

GH Sounds Mod

Fozz Keys

Noob Edition Notes

Fozz's ESP F400-FM neck (remake)

Orange 5th Fret Mod

White HOPO Notes Mod

New Menu Music

GH fretboard sound


CD Mod

Talos Custom Mod

Inappropriate Titles Removed Mod

Pictures of the Guitar Hero Compilation Mod

I decided to release this package as it is what I have for my own game, and I wanted to give it to others. As forementioned, this is a entire install of Frets On Fire, so do not place all of this stuff inside your data folder. Place it wherever the heck you want.

However, what I did was compile the mods, make them all completely compatible (except for the C-Mod and CrowdMod, though they both work to most people's liking), and I made a few mods myself. But I did not make every single mod in this package, therefore many, many thanks goes to the following hard-working people:

"Capo" for his C-Mod

Our friends over at FOF.Spain for all the GH1 songs

"anarko919" for all the GH2 songs

"dgrams2000" for his GH Background Mods

"amplitude" and "Master Yogurt" and the rest of their team for there CrowdMod

"Rogue_F" for his RF-Mod

"Nightmare JG" for his CD Mod

"buckethead loves kfc" for his GH Difficulties mod

"Keith" for his non caps-lock GH Difficulties remake

"Seafoo" for his Noob Edition mod

"GUITAR HERO II" for his GH sounds mod

"Talos" for his Talos Custom Mod

"element3260" for his Guitar Perspecive Mod and remake of Fozz's ESP-F400FM neck

"Fozz(icus)" for his New Notes, Keys, and Folder Labels Mod, as well as his Guitar Perspective Mod that he didn't finish

"Pudding" for his contribution to the RF-Mod for multiplayer split screen

and Unreal Voodoo Inc. for making Frets On Fire.

Things made by me:

New Menu Music (Cochise by Audioslave (guitar only))

Orange 5th Fret Mod

White HOPO Notes Mod

Inapropriate Titles Removed Mod

Organization of GH1 and GH2 songs

Rhythm.ogg files taken out of songs

Compilation of all mods

Incompatibility/duplicate files removed from mods (that way they all work)

New sounds for instances not covered by the GH Sounds mod (i.e. perfect1.ogg, out.ogg, etc.)

New Color Schemes (nothing serious, just black main menu and white text)

This mod is made to be a USEFUL Guitar Hero mod for Frets On Fire. Yes, there are many cosmetic changes to the game, but they only add to the Guitar Hero experience the other mods bring.

I made this mod so that people can enjoy playing Frets On Fire easily. There is absolutely no amount of work you have to do, besides install it (or get extra necks, I'm not that much of a custom-neck person, unless it's original). Please give me an abundance of feedback, because I want to know what you think about my mod.

How to install this mod:


The same instructions are located in the README, which is in each of the five files you have to download. This way you absolutely cannot mess it up (unless you're illiterate, lol).

1. Take all five .zip files and extract them as specified in the following instructions.

2. Take the "Frets On Fire" folder and put it anywhere you want.

3. Place the "data" folder inside the "Frets On Fire" folder.

4. Create a folder inside the "data" folder called "songs".

5. Place the "Guitar Hero I" and "Guitar Hero II" folder inside the "songs" Folder.

6. Place the "mods" folder inside the "data" Folder.

7. Go into My Computer.

8. Click and apply "Show Hidden Files and Folders" by clicking "Tools", then "Folder Options", then "View" and finding that option on the list.

8. Move the "fretsonfire.ini" (located in "Frets On Fire") to "C:/Documents And Settings/USER/Application Data/fretsonfire" and replace the file that's there (if there is one).

9. Go to your newly unzipped folder, right-click the Frets On Fire application, hold your mouse over "Send To", then click "Desktop (Create Shortcut)".

10. If you have a previous install of Frets On Fire, right-click the newly created desktop icon, and select "Properties".

11. Once in "Properties", click "Change Icon".

12. Click "Browse", then find the folder that contains your previous install of Frets On Fire.

13. Click on the icon there, then click "OK", then click "Apply", then click "OK" again.

14. Then double-click on the icon on your desktop for Frets On Fire.

15. ENJOY!!!

Things to watch for:

Player 1's controls are specifically set up for using a Guitar Hero guitar controller.

There are no CD Labels AT ALL. If you want them, you'll have to download them yourself.

There is only one neck, and it's element3260's remake of Fozz's ESP-F400FM neck.

The crowd sounds only play when you choose one of the "Concert" backgrounds, giving the feel that you're in a concert.

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