Hering Mod


This mod is an extension of functionality for FoF, right now it adds an open
String feature and song failing. The text on this page came out of the Hering Mod readme.

The full Hering mod is only compatible with FoF 1.1.324
Official Hering Mod Page

Partial Hering mod (failing only) for FoF 1.2.451
Karsus' Compilation Mod

Partial Hering mod (failing only) for FoF 1.2.451 with RF-mod 4.15
DevLaVaca's Compilation Mod

Standalon Hering Mod for Mac
Hering for Mac

Drum Track support

This feature allows you to play drums on your keyboard.
The green fret is changed to a line across the board.
There are 9 keys to set in Settings > Drum keys, 2 for each (former) fret from red to purple,
and one for the base drum. Playing drums will not require strumming, but
hitting the note at the exact time.
This feature will NOT allow you to play regular songs with no strumming.
For playing it you will need a song with a drum track. (sample track in goodies)

If you want to make a song using a drum track, you have to name the track, which
shall be the drum track: "PART DRUM" (without "")
To do that, use a midi editor, like FL Studio.

The Fail feature:

You can activate/deactivate it in the settings > game settings menu.
You can choose there, if the fail meter is displayed in the score amp, or in the old way.
There are 3 different preset difficulties available, Easy Hard and Jurgen,
as well as the custom difficulty, which you can fully customize.

You can see how well you do below the streak balls.
Once your rock meter reaches zero, the song will be aborted without putting it
into the highscores, and Jurgen will taunt you.
Jurgen Power will rise for a certain number of notes hit. You can see your current Jurgen power
right below the fail meter (as long as you don't deactivate it).
When you activate it you get alot more rock meter energy, as well as lose much less for missing.

The key to activate Jurgen power is by default the right control key for Player 1.
You can change it in the key settings.

For 2 player games, you can choose between versus and coop mode in the failing options.
If you play versus, each player has his own rock meter. The player who fails first looses.
If a player fails in this mode, the song stops and scores will not be counted.
In the coop mode, both players share the same rock meter, but they still have their own Jurgen
Power, which they can activate seperately.

Explanation of all the customizing options (at failing in the options):
-Points for a mistake (drop)
How many rock meter points you lose, if you miss a note or strum at the wrong time
+Points for a hit (gain)
How many points you get for hitting a note.
+Points * multiplier (multiply)
If yes: The rock points that you get are multilpied by your current multiplier (*1,*2,*3 or *4)
If no: You always get the amount you entered at Points for a hit
Maximum points (maximum)
The maximum points your rock meter has.
You cannot get more than the entered value.
Notes for 1 Jurgen point (jgain)
The number of notes you need to hit, to get 1 Jurgen point.
With 1 Jurgen point you can get 1 second Jurgen power.
Jurgen multiplier
The multiplier, which changes your + and - points for hits and mistakes.
It will be multiplied with the plus points, and the -points will be divided by it.
Maximum Jurgen points
This will set the maximum amount of Jurgen points.
With 10 Jurgen points you can get 10 seconds of Jurgen power.
You need 1/4 of your maximum Jurgen points to activate it.

To get an idea which values you should use here are the values for the preset difficulties

Easy Hard Jurgen
-Points for a miss 16 32 48
+Points for a hit 4 3 2
+Points * multiplier True True True
Maximum points 1000 1000 1000
Notes for 1 Jurgen point 12 12 12
Jurgen multiplier 5 4 4
Maximum Jurgen points 20 20 20

For customization of the graphics, you need to change the pngs, which come with the mod.
The rockmeter pngs come in 2 versions for with and without Jurgen Power, and for 3 versions
for each third of rock power. The 10 arrows are for each part of failing power.

With the values theme.ini, example in goodies, you can resize and move around all the displays
(jurgen power, score, streak, multiplier). The values in it are the current values for this mod.
If you want to move it around, you can use the x and y values, and if you want to resize them,
you can use the scale value.

Alternative Song choosing settings

I made an improved menu for choosing song difficulty/player parts.
To make 1 or 2 players the selected option by default, go to RF Settings
and change Player to 1 or 2.
You can choose the old RF style choosing in the Hering mod setting.
Everything else is pretty much self explaining.

Song queue

Hotkeys for song choosing menu (the one with cassettes):

3rd fret - Add song
4th fret - Start queue
5th fret - Reset queue

You can add songs to the queue on 2 ways. Either use "Add to queue" in the difficulty/part
choosing menu, where you can also set difficulty players and parts. Or you can add songs by
pressing the third fret (yellow), using the settings you previously used.
You can start the queue by pressing the fourth fret (blue) in the song choosing menu. And you
can reset the queue by pressing the fifth fret (pink/orange), also at the cassette menu.

Custom board speed

The board speed can be changed in the Hering mod options. This only works with Capos
board speed fixed for difficulties (RF Mod Settings -> Game Settings)
This does not change the hit margin of the notes, just the speed they will come down at you.

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