How To Add New Notes And Keys for FoF

In order to add new notes and keys, you must do these steps.

  • Download the notes or keys (or both!) that you want, be sure these are for your version of FoF. Look for them at or our modlist.
  • Extract the files (unless they're not in a .zip or .rar file), the notes should be called note.dae and keys should be called key.dae.
  • Place the files within the FoF /data/ folder for a permanent change or place them in a new folder in the /data/mods/ folder as a mod or even place them in an allready existing mod folder.
  • If you placed the files as a mod, run FoF and go to Settings > Game Settings > Mod settings to turn on the notes and/or keys you have placed. The mod name will be the same name as the folder you placed them in.
  • Play FoF and enjoy your new notes and/or keys!
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