How to Play Videos in the Background in FoF

How to Run Videos in FoF

Thanks to a combined effort between angelistick, el nini, and h3r1n6, we are now able to run videos as FoF backgrounds!

1. Get VLC here:
2. Remove your desktop background. (Right click desktop > Properties > Desktop > (None))
3. Choose the video you want to run, and open it with VLC
4. In VLC go to Settings > Video > Output Modules > DirectX. Click "Advanced Options" in the bottom right corner and click "Enable wallpaper mode"
5. You MIGHT need to close and reopen VLC. When you do, right click on the video and click on "Wallpaper"
6. Take a screenshot of your desktop. (Press the prt scr key)
7. Paste the screenshot into Paint, set the size under "Attributes" if you need to. (I set it to 1280x960). You may also want to edit the picture to remove all your desktop icons. What I did was just take the dropper tool thing, sample the desktop, delete the whole picture and use the fill tool.
8. Save the picture as stage.png
9. Replace the original stage.png with the new one. You may want to keep the old one safe somewhere else, or rename it for now.
10. Keep your video running, or run whatever video you want with wallpaper mode switched on. You can minimize VLC if you want.
11. Launch FoF.

Some of these steps are unnecessary for some people. FoF needs to be in Windowed mode. If will only play part of the video.

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