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Jurgen Guntherswarchzhaffenstrassen (born on ??) is a very enigmatic person, whose voice is present mainly in the Frets on Fire Tutorial, but he is also hearable when one scores really low in a song. One can also invoke his power during a song by typing in "uptomytempo" to let Jurgen show him how it is done and hit every note for the rest of the song, taking only this song's position on highscores as payment for it.

In the Fofix mod he can also be enabled through the Options and he will play for you.



You suck.

You play like a little girl.

The most important is the Escape button. You will need it, when you finally realize that you suck.

I am your new god, little girls.

What not to do when you finally realize that you suck.

Unless you have recently had a Psychobilly Freakout, the Esc button is in the top left corner of your keyboard.


  • There is a mod in development by h3r1n6 that implements part of Jurgen's blessing touch to be used in a song to help you not to fail it, known as Jurgen Power. The mod can be found here (the most fresh links are always in h3r1n6's signature).
  • One of the users of Fretsonfire.org known as MichallusTG has asked the developers of Frets on Fire if they are going to include more of Jurgen in the next release:
At most of the forums, Jurgen has become what he said he is - someone at least epic.
Is it possible for us to hear more of him in the new release of Frets on Fire - possibly 
in a new song? longer tutorial? some new .oggs? an easter egg?
We just want more of Jurgen. If it is possible, please, provide us with him.


The developers responded:
Hi Michallus,

I've just spoken with Jürgen, and it seems he just might have one or
two tricks up his metaphorical sleeve. So yes, it might be that we
will have to endure even more of his unparalleled greatness in a
future version. But let's see how the story develops.

- Sami
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