List Of Mods
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Mod Name Author Forum Link Required FoF Version
Abstract Edition zoneman Link 1.1.324
Advent Children Mod Pepsi Link 1.1.* / 1.2.*
Back to the Future mod mmsven Link ?
Background Pack #1 dgrams2000 Link ?
Background Pack #2 dgrams2000 Link 1.1.324
Background Pack #3 dgrams2000 Link 1.1.324
Brasil mod Zumbi12 Link 1.2.451
Buckethead mod NickGreen91 Link 1.1.324
Bullet For My Valentine mod NickGreen91 Link 1.1.324
Celtic neck Talos Link ?
Cheese on Fire cheesemodman Link ?
Concert Edition mod gebbss Link ?
Damned Mod Pepsi Link RF-Mod 4
Darkish mod TapsaKn Link 1.1.324
Deftones mod Statice Link 1.1.324
Disable Wavy Effect for Tails kaki123 Link 1.1.*
Disable Wavy Effect for Tails kaki123 Link RF-mod 4.12+Capo mod 5.1
Dragon Theme mod BlackFate Link 1.1.324
Family Guy mod Pepsi Link RF-Mod 4
Final Fantasy VII moc.liamtoh|4434ytlihk#moc.liamtoh|4434ytlihk Link ?
FozZ ESP F400-FM neck FozZ Link ?
FOFStar mod ozmaxxx Link ?
FozZ's notes and keys FozZ Link ?
FozZ's "new" notes, keys, and folders FozZ Link ?
Fractals on Fire Vyom Link 1.2.451 and 1.1.324
Frets in Space gamexprt1 Link ?
Frets of the North Talos Link ?
Frets On Fire Austin's Edition mod KingAustin24 Link ?
Frets On Fire starter pack tazguy79 Link ?
Frets on Ice mod rei_salomao Link 1.2.451
Gigerized neck pack Talos Link ?
Glow pack RexMundi412 Link 1.1.324
Groovy mod Darth Hideous Link ?
Guns N' Roses mod claymen3 Link ?
Guitar Hero Background Pack dgrams2000 Link 1.1.324 with RFMod3.5
Guitar Hero III Background Pack #1 Evil Ken Link All
Guitar Hero mod alzy101 Link ?
GH Theme blazingamer Link 1.2.451
Guitar Hero Difficulties mod buckethead loves kfc ? ?
Guitar Hero Score Amp mod crazy.neo Link ?
Guitar Hero Sounds mod ? ? ?
Guitar Hero Notes + Keys blazingamer Link 1.1.324, 1.2.451, Ultimate v2.0
Guitar Perspective mod element3260 Link ?
Halo mod HeruLuingul Link ?
HomestarRunner mod jake2k3 Link 1.1.324
HstarR mod 1.1 Gerinych Link 1.2.451
iPod Cassette/Cases mod blazingamer Link 1.2.451
Iron Maiden mod nobody Link ?
Jimi Hendrix Theme bobminthy Link ?
Keytar Hero mod kingcarlo Link ?
Lightning mod jake2k3 Link 1.1.324
Linkin Park mod mmsven Link ?
Lite Guitar Cases and Cassettes blazingamer Link 1.2.451
Littl' Girls mod finefin Link ?
Lyrics mod YMS Link 1.1.324/1.2.451
MegaLight blazingamer Link 1.2.451
Multiple Score Uploader mod Divra Link ?
Naruto mod Pepsi Link ?
Neon mod Zumbi12 Link 1.2.451
Nightmare Before Christmas mod Phosphorus Death Camp Link ?
Nirvana mod amplitude Link ?
Nirvana mod alexz345 Link 1.2.451
Noob Edition mod Seafoo Link 1.1.324
Noob Edition mod Seafoo Link 1.2.451
Pink Floyd mod Konador Link ?
Raphmod raph666 Link 1.1.324
Raphmod raph666 Link
Rush mod iamswoll Link ?
Simpsons mod LoverOfElizabeth Link ?
Simpsons Movie mod sureiyaa Link ?
Simpsons sounds for Simpsons mod Oltsu Link ?
Split Screen Multiplayer mod Pudding Link ?
Spongebob mod zoneman Link ?
Star Notes mod psporpcp Link ?
Talos Custom mod Talos ? ?
The Crowd mod Stream Link ?
Ultimate Edition mod nobby76 Link 1.1.324
Xbox360 mod zoneman Link ?
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