Mac Help

This page is for anyone who needs help or is new to having Frets on Fire on their Mac. First of all, if you want to run regular stock Frets on Fire, your best bet would be to download version 1.2.438 here

Once you download that you can use only graphical mods unless it says that the mod is for Mac. This is because the source code for Windows, Linux, and Mac are all different. If you want to upgrade to the fixed 1.2.451 download it here link

Trinidude4 has ported many standalone mods for mac such as MFH Mod 3.0, RF-mod 4, Ultimate Coffee Mod 2, Hering Mod. 1.99a. Many files created by trinidude4 for Mac, including the latest FoFiX patches and fixed versions of different versions of FoF are located here.

For a long time Mac users had not been able to have the ability to make their own songs, besides using the in game editor. Well now, thanks to NewCreature and trinidude4 we can. We now have EOF (Editor on Fire) working for the Mac EOF for Mac.

There is also a Mac FAQ page on the frets on fire fan forum. You can see it here.

Many of the popular add-ons for Frets on Fire are .exe and don't run on Mac. One of them, Audacity, (good for converting .mp3 to .ogg) can be found here, Audacity. You can run most of these popular add-ons such as the song.ini generator, link the FoF-Song Manager, link and the MSN Song Display, link if you download the program Wine, which is used to run Windows .exe's on the Mac. The link for Wine on Mac is here.

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