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Modifications (or mods) are small utilities that are mostly used to change the way Frets on Fire looks, for example from:
to something like:
screenmodrv9.jpg 5e3fc703.jpg
guitarherocompilationmoir5.jpg untitled5ol1kg7.jpg

Types of mods

  • Graphical mods - they cover only graphic files and/or notes, for example Noob Edition or. They are installed by creating a folder inside /data/mods/ and putting all of the files to this folder. They are enabled in the Settings > Game Settings > Mods menu.
  • Library mods - they cover some changes in the game code. They consist of one or two parts - the library part and (optionally) the data part. To install a mod like that, open /data/ and move the files from the mod into the file, replacing the original ones. If the mod has also a data part, simply copy all of the files into your /data/ directory. They work all the time, however most of them has a way to disable their features.


List of mods

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