October 08

Hi all, this month there's been quite a bit in the making. For starters

Forum Software Change

The forums has changed from ikonboard to phpBB3. (I'd like to see nwru add a few comments on what's improved and such here)
The change took place between Monday the 13th and Friday, the 17th. During which the old forum was still up in readonly mode.
Not a lot was lost but a few characters here and there didn't get translated. A few things you might be missing from ikonboard, might include the subtitle for the topic thread, custom user title (It's comming back folks, according to nwru)

Overall the change has been very smooth and now we've got 3 themes to pick from.

MFH Changes Name

Most mods or about any work usually shares it's name with it's creator. This has been made very clear in the past, Rouge-F, RF-Mod. Ultimate Coffee, Ultimate mod, Alarian, Alarian mod etc.
The most actively developed mod for the time being is based on all of those. Having changed name from Alarian to DS~Alarian, to MFH-Alarian to MFH-Mod there has of course been grounds for confussion.
To prevent yet another name change when a new developer takes over the lead, the project has changed name yet again, now to FoFiX, Frets on Fire X. The X does not stand for anything at the moment but this can of course change over time.

The whole name change was actually addressed due to the creation of a new home for the project.
Discussion will still be held in the forum thread, but this google code site will hold the latest versions, and source. The themes will be available seperatly except for the megalight theme of course.

Rock Band 2 Songs Released

Great thaks goes to cama for sharing his finds of the released RB2 songs.
For more information visit the thread

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