When downlading RF-Mod, please avoid using LRC2FOF.exe. You can find this file in "/contrib/lyrics/". Some Antivirus reported the file as a trojan, it is not associated in any way with the RF-Mod but is only a "third-party" contribution. It is safer to stay away from this file (or simply delete it)


RF-mod is a source code enhancement to Frets On Fire.

The goal is to add features, and bugfixes to Frets On Fire that enhance gameplay, and improve performance. There is a high amount of flexibility in what you can turn on and off. It doesn't work like a normal mod, so be sure to read the readme.

Major features include:

Multiplayer (split screen, and party)
Multi part selection (Lead, Rhythm, Bass)
Much improved HOPO
Additional customizations to support theme mods (GHmod, etc)

Current Versions

RF-mod-3 for FoF 1.1.324 - 3.5
RF-mod-4 for FoF 1.2.451 - 4.15


RF-Mod 3.5
RF-mod-3 Win32 download
RF-mod-3 Linux32 download
RF-mod-3 Linux64 download

RF-mod-4 Win32 download
RF-mod-4 Linux32 download
Linux Mirror (Dead Link)
RF-mod-4 Mac download (Dead Link)


Official v3.x thread
Official v4.x INFO thread
Official v4.x DISCUSSION thread


How do I use the old FoF-1.2.X search?

Right now if you press a key it uses the RF-mod jump keys to go to the first song/folder of that letter. If you want to use the FoF-1.2.X search filter press '/' first

Why don't my non ascii characters show up correctly anymore?

Many people experienced crashes in FoF when their song.ini's or folder names contained non ascii characters. Python does not deal with those well and makes it fairly difficult to use unicode.

In your fretsonfire.ini file locate the [game] section and insert a variable that says

encoding = utf-8
encoding = Latin
encoding = ascii

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