Rock Band

Rock Band introduced the Drums as a playable instrument. This is of course playable in Frets On Fire as well if you have a mod that supports it installed (Rumours has it that it will be implemented in the next version of Frets On Fire, needs verification).

The song sorting when going through career mode in Rock Band is dependant on the instrument played. Therofore I took the liberty of excluding the other career ladders and only show the guitar "path" here. In the future there might be room to add Bass and Drum career but in the mean time this might satify your needs.
Also to be noted is that the songs are sorted by difficulty unless otherwise is stated.

Main Setlist

Warm-Up Songs

Apprentice Songs

Solid Songs

Moderate Songs

Skilled Songs

Challanging Songs

Blistering Songs

Nightmare Songs

Impossible Songs

Bonus Songs

Wii Content

These songs are available inside the main setlist on the Wii. They are available on the other plattforms as DLC.

Euro Content

These songs are available on the PAL versions of Rock Band. They are also available as DLC for other versions

Download Content

Sorted by date of release.

20 November 2007

Metallica 01


Queens of the Stone Age 01


The Police 01

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