Song.ini Generator v2.3

Programmed by Daniel Dara


Song.ini Generator makes creating .ini files a sinch. Just type the info in the designated boxes, press the "Create" button, and *zap* the song.ini is placed on your desktop ready to go in your newly fretted song.

It not only makes .inis but also can load existing ones, allowing you to make changes to them easily.

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Screenshots (Outdated)

Main Form and Options

Quick Load Feature

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Version History

Version Release Info
2.3 New form arrangement, No crashes when loading an INI with a blank setting, New settings added: Version, Unlock ID, Unlock Required, Unlock Text, and Count, Save option added to menu strip
2.2 Quick Load Directory saves, form centers, and loading time decreased
2.1 Genre, Album, and Difficulty Rating forms added, Forms re-arranged to incorporate additions, and code optimized to keep size small and loading/saving fast, "Check for Updates" option added to let you know if your Song.ini Generator is up to date
2.0 New form arrangement, tool menu, and loading features
1.4 Added Lyrics Feature
1.3 Added 8th Note HO/PO Feature and Optimized Code
1.2 Fixed Hex Bugs, Auto Sample color update when manual input is given, Two Alarian.ini features added
1.1 First Release
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