Syncing ScoreHero Conversions

This is a very simple, but very effective way to sync ScoreHero conversions.


FeedBack (0.96b is preferred)
MP3 of the song you wish to convert
Downloaded chart
Read this very carefully:

Assuming you already have the MP3 and chart in the songs folder in FeedBack play the chart. Right off about 99.9% of the time, there is a syncing error. If the music starts right off (which it should) stop it, and go to the first note in the chart. Record the time. Open the MP3 file in Audacity, and add that amount of silence to the beginning of the song. Export the MP3 as and OGG VORBIS file and go back into FeedBack (folder) and delete the MP3 file. Open FeedBack and play the song. It should now be perfectly in sync throughout the whole song.

If the music is after the notes start, then copy all the notes in the song, delete them and the paste them where the music starts. If you have the correct BPM of the song, then the notes should sync to the music either on a beat line or in between a beat line. Your song should now be perfectly in sync.

If you anchor the first note to the song, the probelm is then the song will start WAY early in FoF leaving you to miss notes in the beginning. I had a problem with the song redemption. the notes tarted before the music, and the first note was on the VERY FIRST beat line, so when playing in FoF, it starts before the chart even sits in its normal position.

This way I found is the most effective and simplist way to sync ScoreHero conversions. If you know what the delay is, then make sure to use it wisely.

I have tested this, and I know people who have used this method and they said it works great.

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