Ultimate Mod 1.2.451 V2.0

This mod is actually called ULTIMATE COFFEE MOD ( there is another mod called " the ultimate mod" which was made almost a year prior to this mod, dont get them mixed up )


This mod is an extension of functionality for FoF 1.2. It contains

Rock Meter
2d notes and keys
Jurgen/Star Power
Star Notes
Double Points when in Star Power
Ability to turn on and off failing
Neck Selector
Better Graphics
RockBand Theme
Kill Switch




*There have been complaints about every note having a tail and more lag than previous versions


There have been releases of multiple mods that fix/enhance this version of UM

Capo's UC Mod Enhancements
DS~ RB & GH/RBv2 Mods
EdisLeado Hybrid Mods RB/GH
Worldrave's Ripped GHIII Graphics

Previous versions

Note that some mods/graphics are not compatible with previous versions of UC

UC 1.2.451
UC 1.1 V2.0

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