Using Xpadder

Getting Started

This guide shows how to use Xpadder for Frets On Fire.

To get started, you must download Xpadder.

Step 1

Once you've downloaded Xpadder, extract it to any folder you wish to have it in. If you notice, upon extraction, the program is right inside the folder (it is not an installer).


It seems strange that there is only one file, that being xpadder.exe. This is what makes Xpadder so good. Its a very lightweight and easy-to-use program.

Step 2

Now, open up Xpadder and go up to the little controller icon to the top-left part of the program window. Click on it and then click on 'New…'


Step 3

Upon clicking on 'New…', a new window opens and there are 7 Tabs.

Ignore the first two, and skip over to the D-Pad tab. Make sure you check the box marked 'enabled'. After that, press the 'Detect' button. Now, press the direction that Xpadder says.


Step 4

After you have registered all the directional pad buttons, go to the next tab over, the 'Buttons' tab.

For this, all you have to do is press the fret buttons and the start and select buttons. No need to click on anything.


Step 5

Finally go over to the 'Finish' tab and click the 'Close' button.


Step 6

Alright, you should be back at the main Xpadder screen and you should see the controller mapping.

Click on any of the buttons to edit them, and you'll see a keyboard pop up.


Once you've finished binding your controller's buttons to the keys, it should look a little something like this:


Note: For the button mapping, it's set so the yellow fret button is the number 4 and the blue fret is the number 3. Why? Because on the Stratocaster controller (Rockband Controller) it seems as though the yellow and blue are reversed for some reason. By setting the yellow button to 4 and the blue to 3, it's easier to set up later (you'll see).

Step 7

Now, time to open up Frets On Fire.

Once you open it, go to the options menu, controls, then Player 1 Keys. Now, configure each control to the key the controller's button is binded to (example: the green fret is binded to the number 1 key on the keyboard, so the Fret Key #1 = 1). Your controller configurations should look something like this:


Note: Notice something off? As it seems, if you set the pick keys to the up and down arrows (pretty much just using the strum bar to set them), there will be a key conflict with the up and down controls within FOF. The simple solution: change the up and down controls to a different set of keys (like 2 and 8 on the number pad).

Step 8

Go back and go to the Player 2 Keys. You must also change the up and down controls for player two in order for your strum bar to work. Set them to something easy like Page Up and Page Down, or something like that. If you get a key conflict notice, ignore it (as most likely its a key conflict between it and one of the alt keys).


Step 9

Test your keys out. Make sure they work, all of them. If not, check through the Player 1 and Player 2 Keys to check if there is an obvious conflict. Also, you might want to check to see if Player 1 and Player 2 aren't set to Alt Keys.


There you have it! You should have successfully configured Xpadder with your guitar controller. (This method also works for drums)


Q: I thought FOFiX fixed issues with the instrument controllers so programs such as Xpadder are no longer necessary?

A: For most people, this is true. However, there still are people who run older versions of FOF. Plus, as of now, some people are reporting issues of being
unable to use two guitars at once without having key conflicts.

Q: Will this fix my up strum and double strum issues?

A: They should be fixed if properly setup.

Q: Is this the only solution to any of my controller problems?

A: Not always. People on Frets On Fire's Fan Forums have alternate solutions to some problems, so try the search button if you don't want Xpadder.


Visit the Tech Support forum.

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