Xpadder is a freeware program that has the ability to emulate a mouse and/or keyboard using a controller or joystick. This is primarily used for playing games with poor or no controller support, but Xpadder can be used in a web browser, media player, or almost any other application. Xpadder supports the use of up to 26 controllers simultaneously and if a controller supports it, Xpadder can assign a button to make the controller rumble/vibrate.


  • Keyboard and mouse emulation.
  • Profile management.
  • Support for any controller recognized by Microsoft Windows
  • Support rumble on capable controllers.
  • Sets for using keys as a switch and emulating more keys than a controller actually has.


As of Oct. 9th 2008 the author of the program has decided to cease the development of Xpadder. The last stable release of Xpadder (v 5.3) is the final version. The official website is also up for sale, meaning it no longer offers Xpadder for download or support. The links below, however, do.

Xpadder 5.3 Download
Xpadder 5.3 Download (Mediafire)


Xpadder To FOF Setup


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